Fantastical Openings/Learning

Updated 11082022-184705

Openings Example Appearance (Both external and internal)
Openings Example Appearance (Both external and internal)


“General Consultation”

The Way We Use Our Computers is both more important than most of us are used to acknowledging and probably less important than those from whom we seek guidance on the subject end up realizing. I am 100% exempt from both of these blind spots and genuinely believe I have at least one significant contribution to make to the computing lives of just about anyone. For details, please see

General Impugning

Finding yourself desiring the opportunity to absolutely lay into a skinny, white, late-20s, vaguely tech bro-ish face, lately? Well, please let me lend you one! I have adequate experience in implicitly fulfilling the role of scapegoat, professionally, and can offer a 110% guaranteed NO CONSEQUENCES target (and the necessary context for such a thing.)

Personal Automation

For better or worse, I can declare myself without hesitation to be a genuine authority in personal automation on Apple Platforms, especially post-iOS 12's absorption of the third-party application Workflow into what we now call Siri Shortcuts.