USAGE: writeas new [command options] [arguments...]

DESCRIPTION: An alternative to piping data to the program.

On Windows, this will use 'copy con' to start reading what you input from the prompt. Press F6 or Ctrl-Z then Enter to end input. On *nix, this will use the best available text editor, starting with the value set to the WRITEAS_EDITOR or EDITOR environment variable, or vim, or finally nano.

Use the --code flag to indicate that the post should use syntax highlighting. Or use the --font [value] argument to set the post's appearance, where [value] is mono, monospace (default), wrap (monospace font with word wrapping), serif, or sans.

If posting fails for any reason, 'writeas' will show you the temporary file location and how to pipe it to 'writeas' to retry.

OPTIONS: -c value, -b value Optional blog to post to --tor, -t Perform action on Tor hidden service --tor-port value Use a different port to connect to Tor (default: 9150) --code Specifies this post is code --md Returns post URL with Markdown enabled --verbose, -v Make the operation more talkative --font value Sets post font to given value (default: "mono") --lang value Sets post language to given ISO 639-1 language code --user-agent value Sets the User-Agent for API requests