Town Help

Run commands unique to

Usage: town [command]

Available Commands: asciifarm a multiplayer ascii farming adventure aup view the town's acceptable use policy battilde a multiplayer, ascii, zombie wave shooting game bbj a command line forum birthday show townies with a given birthday botany tend to a little plant bunnysay say something as a bunny cats generate a random cat chat connect to the town's local real time chat chin play a betting game da a chill, minimal adventure game dcss play Dungeon Crawler Stone Soup feels read and write little blogs ferengisay say something as a ferengi graffiti edit help Help about any command holodeck help build a virtual world indexme generate a index.html for a directory of files linkulator share links with other townies mail check your local email motd view the message of the day nicethings print a random nice thing :) pairing share a terminal with another user poem get a poem qotd get the quote of the day request-gemini request space on the town Gemini server request-gitea request an account on rodo a little todo list application stats return statistics about in json format tcoin play with a virtual economy tilde-train view an animated train built by townies tron multiplayer tron writo walk around and paint in an infinite collaborative art project

Flags: -h, --help help for town

Use "town [command] --help" for more information about a command.