"What's this thing running?"

This site is maintained by a small team, using best practices and the latest technologies where possible. If you spot any problems with it please let our webmaster know.

The site is built using a custom Modern Perl content management system. We make substantial use of the excellent DBIx::Class ORM, Template Toolkit, Text::Xslate and several other CPAN modules.

Your requests are served by a few Debian GNU/Linux servers, running nginx and Apache.

All our web applications (search, forums, whitepapers, etc) are written using mod_perl and connect to MySQL or PostgreSQL databases.

The scripts, modules, HTML, and CSS were created and edited using a combination of Vim, Atom, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the Firebug extension. The typing has mainly been done by Steffen Beyer, Aaron Crane, Tony Dunlop, Marco Fontani, Kevin Hottinger, Scimon Proctor, Mike Raynham, Miguel Vieira, M Walker and Tyron Wytrykowski.

We use Cloudflare to take some of the load off of our hardware, which is currently lovingly cared for by Peer1's expert support.

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-"What's this thing running?"