Letterboxd API Query

Updated 03102023-202606

The Letterboxd API is in private beta. If you’d like to be considered for early access, please email details of your intended use to api@letterboxd.com. Please include the title of your app or project in the subject line, and note that while we read all applications, we are unable to individually reply, or to guarantee admission to the beta.

If you require your account data in machine-readable form we have import and export options, and every account has an RSS feed of new diary entries and lists.

Exploring the Potential of the Letterboxd API x Siri Shortcuts


I'm reaching out inquiring about beta access to your API with the (fairly recreational) intent to explore its potential use as called from Siri Shortcuts (Apple's current automation platform.) The most realistic, brief suggestion I have to express: my project will almost certainly be extremely low-risk/investment (an extremely low volume of requests compared to any other use case I can imagine) and most likely low-reward (having been an active part of the community for most of its lifetime, it's pretty apparent to me that it's going to remain quite niche, for the most part.)

I'm fairly new to APIs but that's given me an enthusiasm for documentation which could prove useful - just say the word and I'll singlehandedly have a real college try at establishing a fully-referenced Postman collection.

Either way, thanks for your time!