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This website is maintained by me, Hans Schülein. I am an aerospace college student from Germany. You can follow me on Twitter or GitHub. I develop the iOS Hex File Viewer Hexer. Buy me a coffee or a piece of pizza to support hosting costs or just me doing things in general. Send me an email at contact.kamik423@gmail.com.

The site is completely open source and stored on GitHub. You can contribute your own themes, report bugs, push pull requests for your changes to the source code or just browse it. It is based on John Sundell's excellent static site generator Publish.

This project is licensed under the MIT license. This basically means you can just take it and do with it as you wish. You can also just back it up in case you are worried that the site will not be around anymore at some point.

As you can see in the source code it is just a static site. There is no running code. No cookies or telemetry are collected. I don't even know if anyone opens the page. Just enjoy :).