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-(1) Baby Crying for deaf parent : shortcuts

I have a few potential solutions in mind:

  1. The Set Flashlight action can be used just as you’ve used vibrate to repeatedly toggle the LED flashlight on your device on and off.
  2. If my assumption that you need this to be quiet is incorrect, the Play Sound action has a whole lot of potential. Using Base64, it can play any sound file. If you have one in mind, let me know and I’ll convert it to Base64 for you.

Well… my cheeks are red, now. Though all is not totally lost to my idiocy/privilege:

A low-frequency tone should produce tactile vibrations - one of the variables users cannot vary about device vibrations. I think iPhone’s speakers are rated down to 40 Hz, if memory serves.

Here’s a sample audio file that includes 40Hz, 60Hz, 80Hz, and 100Hz 10 second segments.