Dr. Shinn Cold Contact


Hello Dr. Shin! I’ve just come across a note of yours - (https://shinseungkeon.com/en/how-to-lock-iphone-screen-with-apple-bluetooth-keyboard/) - and was wondering if you still find yourself using a paired Bluetooth keyboard with your iPhone with any sort of regularity. It’s become my primary life goal (somehow) as of late to properly document Bluetooth keyboard support on iPhone (since Apple will not,) and (loosely) unite those of us who use physical keyboards with our iPhones to compare notes like this one! (I have been doing this for over 10 years, and your note was the first time I’d heard of Ctrl + ⌘ + Q… This is what I’m trying to stop.) Obviously, I understand completely if you’re busy, but I’d love to hear back from you if you happen to be yearning to chat with another user! Thanks for your time! David Blue The project’s landing page: https://uikeycommand.neocities.org My contact card: https://bit.ly/whoisdavidblue