Twitch for iOS URL Scheme

Updated 01252023-182940

Task Command
Launch Application twitch://open
Navigate to a specific channel twitch://stream/<channel name> – OR – twitch://open?stream=<channel name>
Open a specific game directory twitch://game/<game name> – OR – twitch://open?game=<game name>
Open a specific VOD twitch://video/<video ID> – OR – twitch://open?video=<video ID> For a VOD with this URL: the <video_id> is v1234567.
Open a specific channel activity feed (includes VODs) twitch://channel/<channel name> – OR – twitch://open?channel=<channel name>
Open the user’s “following” directory (first tab in the app) twitch://following If the user is not logged in, this goes to the login page
Open the login page twitch://login
View a specific Category tag twitch://directory/tags/<tag ID>
Open a specific live-stream tag twitch://directory/all/tags/<tag ID>
Broadcast a specific game twitch://broadcast?game_id=<game ID>