Append to Note Siri Shortcuts Action Disfigures Rich Text Input - FB13172586

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iPad Pro screen recording of issues with the output of my Safari Tabs ⇨ Apple Note Shortcut as of iPadOS 17 RC.

FB13172586 (Append to Note Siri Shortcuts Action Disfigures Rich Text Input)

This issue has been present since iOS/iPadOS 17 Developer Beta 1 and continues to be present as of the Release Candidate.

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It appears that the Append to Note Siri Shortcuts action is no longer able to correctly append formatted rich text URLs, specifically. This issue became immediately apparent when I first upgraded my iPad Pro from iPadOS 16 to the first Developer Beta of iPadOS 17. As of the Release Candidate, it is still present.

To reproduce: Create a shortcut that converts a markdown-formatted list of hyperlinks to Rich Text using the native Rich Text from Markdown action. Add an Append to Note Apple Notes action using the output of the Rich Text from Markdown action's output as input, acting on any Apple Note.

Expected output: A correctly-formatted Apple Note with working hyperlinks in an unordered list.

Actual output: The attached screenshot as well as this shared Apple Note: