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The Twitter API v2 is ready for prime time! Over the past 14 months, we have been steadily releasing net new and v1.1 replacement endpoints to Twitter API v2, and today 90% of all existing apps built on the Twitter API v1.1 can be fully supported on v2 with new key features and increased access.

Twitter API v2 overview to-date

If you’re new to Twitter API v2, here are a few highlights of what we’ve released to-date:

Today’s launch

And today, we are adding the following updates to the list:

We do still plan to release updated versions of the Direct Messages, trends, media, and geo endpoints soon. You can see a list of how the v1.1 endpoints map to our v2 replacements in our endpoint map guide, and can follow along via our product roadmap.

Also, for those with a need for access beyond 2M Tweets/month, or who need advanced reliability and scale features like redundancy and larger caps on search requests, please join our waitlist to receive updates about our future product plans for access beyond Elevated. If you need greater access immediately, please consider our enterprise APIs.

For those of you who are currently in a managed relationship with our team and using enterprise APIs today, you can read a separate FAQ to help you understand how we plan to support you as we continue to build v2.

And a final note on upcoming plans: We’re working on a solution to enable developers whose previous applications for a developer account have been declined. We’ll share a path soon to enable sign up for Essential, or to re-apply for Elevated access.

Are you new to the platform and ready to get started?

We encourage you to sign up for Essential access and make your first request to the API.

Once you sign up, you will have a project with Essential access within your account which will provide you with the following:

If you need more access than this, you can apply for Elevated access.

How about those of you that are already on the platform?

If you’ve already been approved for a developer account, your Standard Project will automatically be converted to a Project with Elevated access, which will now provide you with the following:

If you are an academic researcher, you may continue to be served by Academic Research access to the API v2. Learn more on the Academic Research page.

For those of you that have already been using the platform, we’ve put together a migration hub to help you learn more about what’s new on the platform and how to update your integration to v2. We’ve also produced migration guides for each v2 endpoint that you can find within their respective section.

Ready to build?

Head to our documentation to learn more about what’s available. We also have tutorials that can help you get started with different tools and use cases.

We particularly want to encourage new innovation and growth around a few areas that we believe can have the greatest impact on the world, and on Twitter. You can read more about each of these on our ‘what to build’ page.

So what has the community built with Twitter API v2 to date?

The Twitter API v2 is ripe with opportunity, and the community has already been building some amazing tools. Here, we highlight a few that we’re particularly excited about:

Speaking of community, we have a series of different community initiatives kicking off related to this launch:

Also, consider following our Twitter Developer Insiders to see how other developers are building with the Twitter API.

As always, you can follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, subscribe to this forum category, or find another way to stay informed about product news and tips. We are also excited to hear your feedback.

-"Announcing List lookup endpoints for the Twitter API v2 - Announcements - Twitter Developers"