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**※ G o o d M o r n i n g ※ **David BlueI’m David Blue - an automotive journalist on sabbatical and self-described Software Historian.

It’s good to be here!

By that I mean, it’s especially nice to feel welcome here even though I am in no way a software developer.

I use the term Software Historian because I have found myself especially fascinated with the origin stories of the platforms and services we use in the past 3–4 years, especially regarding Word Processors.

My ultimate software development aspiration would be to build my own CMS with Python from scratch, but I’m not just being humble when I tell you that I am very far away from doing that.

Recently, I have been toying with the idea of writing a Literary History of Streaming Music, directly inspired by Professor Matthew G. Kirschenbaum’s Track Changes: A Literary History of Word Processing, continuing the work I began in one of my all-time best essays examining the Holiness of Bandcamp as a technology company who can do no wrong.

I’m sure anyone reading this can relate when I lament that I really should get around to writing an updated bio, but I’ve already spent enough time on this one, I think. Let me just quote myself from my blog’s about page:

I’ve already born witness to innovation bridging divisions between people throughout the greatest informational renaissance my species has ever seen… Originally, I wrote about our relationship with cars (2019 Volkswagen Atlas Review) and now technology (Bandcamp: Streaming’s Secret Savior) from a perspective that feels tedious or abstract to some, but is generally entertaining, through-and-through. I’m proud of the work I’ve done so far, which has been wild, absurd, reflective, and hilarious — occasionally all in the same work as I develop my voice.

I’m not just horsing around when I say feel free to <email me> about literally anything.

The Psalms (My technology blog. Entirely nonsecular, I promise) †

🇪🇺 End User (A solo “podcast” which I update now and then, talking to my phone - silence truncated - about things I’ve been exploring.)

⌨ ⌨ The iPhone x Bluetooth Keyboard Project (Perhaps my very first truly worthwhile cause.) Ǝ Extratone (An online music magazine which I devoted most of my adult life to developing up until 2018.)

Social Directory (An ongoing list of links to my profiles on every social service I can remember signing up for.) ⎆ dghj ⎆

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