What’s wrong with Spotify? Siri Shortcut Documentation

A quick reference to recall statistics in conversations about Spotify as a Discovery tool.

Video Demo

If you thought this Shortcut was anything other than what it is, I sincerely apologize!


I created this Shortcut because I kept finding myself in conversations with new aquaintences forgetting one particular statistic about Spotify’s true value as a tool for music “Discovery.”


  1. A notification is shown with an excerpt from an op-ed in Pitchfork by Damon Krukowski entitled “How to Be a Responsible Music Fan in the Age of Streaming.”
  2. A raw audio file of Siri Simone (Siri Voice 2) speaking said excerpt aloud is retrieved from my NeoCities site. (Subject to be replaced by a local Base64-enabled process as soon as Base64 in Shortcuts is fixed.)
  3. The audio file is played aloud.
  4. The statistic - followed by the raw URL of the op-ed - is copied to the clipboard.
  5. The URL of the op-ed is opened in Safari and added to one’s Safari Reading List.
  6. The URL to my own semi-academic essay - “Concerning Discovery in Streaming Music” - is opened in Safari and added to one’s Safari Reading List.
  7. The text from Step 5 is passed to the native Twitter app as a new Tweet.