Updating Lee 2021–04–27–18.00.08

Hey again! Just wanted to update you on what I finally got around to doing today now that my niece’s grad ceremony is out of the way hehe.

My niece’s postponed graduation ceremony/party is now officially in the past hehe! I’ve been thinking about two particular questions I have for you.

  1. If we’re going to be sharing docs into a common, publicly-accessible file folder(s,) we’ve got quite a few options, but I was wondering how you feel about GitHub. I’ve been using it to document my writing process recently - and a dedicated Repository for this project makes some sense, I think, but it’s a lot of fiddling to learn if you’re not otherwise familiar.
  2. I already have a more personal editorial question for you hehe. I’ve been exploring the code involved in keyboard support - the segment of the Swift language for it is called UIKeyCommand (root of the Apple docs here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uikeycommand.). I don’t think learning the whole language or actually making an app is remotely necessary, but I have a desire to understand precisely what’s happening at the most technical level. I guess my question is: do you think this pursuit is worthwhile? Would you be interested in learning more about the code itself? Otherwise, I spent last night sending a few cold emails/DMs to anyone I saw in a basic Google search who’d mentioned external keyboard shortcuts on their pages/blogs in a significant way in the past year.

I heard back from Emmanuel Crouvisier this morning (the developer behind this handy/pro-keyboard guide: https://github.com/emcro/SwiftUI-Keyboard-Demo.) He expressed general enthusiasm about the project/offered his code and his knowledge for specific questions, quite generously.

Thank you for your understanding, also! I hope this message finds you well.