Per-Browser Keyboard Shortcut Behaviors Inconsistencies

On the surface, it feels like Web Browsers have never been better - and certainly that we’ve never had so many choices among them

Expectedly, Apple’s own Safari has remained definitively the most accommodating of hardware keyboard shortcuts use among the comparatively. At this point, I have become so dependent on ⌘ + L and Alt + L that it’s basically the only deciding factor

@viticci I’m really enjoying the new Safari on iOS and the better reachability.
The animation to see all open tabs is so slick (UI bugs notwithstanding).
Have you seen you can long-press the elements in the bottom bar? Totally unintuitive & hidden but glad they’re there!


Firefox has some very bizarre responses/behaviors regarding scrolling. Upon arriving at and receiving 100% of a webpage with the cursor in the address bar, no amount of any keyboard inputs will

⌘ + r ⌘ + [ ⌘ + ] ⌘ + f ⌘ + l ⌘ + t ⌘ + shift + t ⌘ + shift + p ⌘ + w