@AaronTheIssueGuy@mast.aaron.place on Post-Privacy

@AaronTheIssueGuy@mast.aaron.place well first let me say: if I ever believed my ideas about this were worth evangelizing for others, I no longer do at all (I am not suggesting that anyone should imitate anything I do.)

in that sense, also, I think I would retract that statement about it never existing - all I know is that I have not experienced any consequences whatsoever to all of my information being public (save for my social security number, which come to think of it is an exception…) but on the regular I get people responding to my video content, especially, with stuff like “just fyi your address was shown,” or phone number and I’m like “yes thank you for the head’s up but I am fully aware.” if there is a reply after this point it’s usually to the tune of “you’re an idiot/insane.”