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Group tabs in Safari on Mac - Apple Support

(2) Ask Different

Can the macOS startup sound/chime/ bong be changed on a MacBook Pro? - Ask Different

Podcast 405: Helping communities build their own LTE networks - Stack Overflow Blog

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Drag Safari Tab Group Links Demo · Issue #125 · extratone/i

Autolink references

Autolink references

Would like to see autolink references configurable at the Organization level - GitHub Help / How to use Git and GitHub - GitHub Community

Using Fill-In-The-Blank Form Fields in Snippets – TextExpander

Special Codes in Snippets – TextExpander

textexpander mutiple field filling - Google Search

textexpander address - YouTube

Autolinked references and URLs - GitHub Docs

Your Repositories


The web site of textfuck

MIT-Modern-Variant - Google Search

MIT License Modern Variant | Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX)


What are the lengths of Location Coordinates, latitude and longitude? - Stack Overflow

RoutineHub • Text Tools

zalgo from eeemo

Text Tools

Combining character - Wikipedia

Zalgo Text Generator

Zalgo Text Generator ➜ #1 😍 Z͉̾á̘͉̉l͈̯̾̀g̥̤͌̈ó͎̥͡ Text Font Online ✔️

zalgo script - Google Search

Anti-Zalgo (Fork) - Source code

Zalgo-promise NPM |

What is Zalgo Text and How to Use it? - Broodle

Zalgo Text designs, themes, templates and downloadable graphic elements on Dribbble

Zalgo Text Generator

zalgo from dayvonjersen - Github Help

Intentionally unleashing Zalgo with synchronous promises | by Daniel Brain | Medium

Zalgo Text Generator |

Build a Creepy or Glitch Zalgo Text Generator Web App in Browser Using HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript Full Project For Beginners - Coding Shiksha

zalgo - Wiktionary

zalgo-promise - npm Package Health Analysis | Snyk

How does Zalgo text work?

Zalgo · Julia Packages

Zalgo Text Generator - JKCTech

Unearthing Z͌̈́̾a͊̈́l͊̿g̏̉͆o̾̚̚S̝̬ͅc̬r̯̼͇ͅi̼͖̜̭͔p̲̘̘̹͖t̠͖̟̹͓͇ͅ with visual fuzzing | PortSwigger Research

Open in Tweetbot


Open Source Software Licenses 101: The AGPL License - FOSSA

All About Copyleft Licenses - FOSSA

Truth Social, AGPL, and OSS License Compliance

Public-domain-equivalent license - Wikipedia

Best of 2021

Out of Sorts by BAILE

Out of Sorts by BAILE

Not Alone (ReeLLove Remix) by Lusine & ReeLLove

Say Something by Kylie Minogue

I Have a Love (Overmono Remix) [Mixed] by For Those I Love

Mars by Qrion, Mars Kasei

Music To Heal To by Elkka

Every Single Time by Bissett

If the Shoe Fits by DJ Swisha

Puppy by Doss

Every Cloud by Harrison BDP

Gone by BAILE

I Can't Explain by The Juan MacLean

Harmony by Origin8a & Propa & Benny Page

U Already Know by DJ Seinfeld & Teira

Genesis by Ivy Hollivana

Hyperfunk (Mixed) by Antonio

Never Enough by Disclosure

You Can Do It by Caribou

Never Come Back by Caribou

Cuiva by Parra for Cuva

Techno Halcyon by Ivy Hollivana

Slugs by Harrison BDP

You Could Be by Anz, George Riley

Will You Be? by Baltra

Strawberry by Doss


MacStories Weekly: Issue 300


Shortcuts Catalog – Matthew Cassinelli

Working with Lists : shortcuts

import list of words to lookup ios app - Google Search

Saved Words | Merriam-Webster

FAQ: Merriam-Webster Android Apps | Merriam-Webster


Search Club MacStories

iPad Apps with Extensive Keyboard Support

Shortcuts Archive - MacStories

shihabmehboob - Google Search

David Blue on Twitter Blue — The Psalms

Club MacStories

Club Member Scott Willsey's iPad Home Screen

Home Screen: John Voorhees

Home Screen: Chris Lawley

iOS and iPadOS 15: The MacStories Review - MacStories - Part 6

iPhone 12 Pro Max vs iPhone 12 Pro Max - Geekbench Browser

Learn advanced gestures to interact with iPad - Apple Support

How to Easily Clear Your iPhone's RAM on iOS 15 for Better Performance

MacBook Pro (15-inch Retina Mid 2015) - Geekbench Browser


Daring Fireball


iOS and iPadOS 15.2 Overview: Music, Privacy, Security, and Safety, and a Grab Bag of Other Additions and Refinements - MacStories

MacStories Selects 2021: Recognizing the Best Apps of the Year - MacStories

The Baffler—The Journal That Blunts the Cutting Edge

The Curious Case of Apple's Missing App Integrations for Shortcuts - MacStories

Use macOS keyboard shortcuts – Apple Support (UK)

Keyboard shortcuts and gestures in Safari on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Keyboard shortcuts in Mail on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Keyboard shortcuts and gestures in Photos on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Keyboard shortcuts in Disk Utility on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Keyboard shortcuts in Preview on Mac – Apple Support (UK)

Mac keyboard shortcuts - Apple Support

Create keyboard shortcuts for apps on Mac - Apple Support

Change a conflicting keyboard shortcut on Mac - Apple Support

Use your keyboard like a mouse with Mac - Apple Support

Exporting Links from Safari Reading List via Shortcuts for Mac - MacStories

TIP: Publish a Workspace to Files with Shortcuts - Tips & Tricks - Drafts Community

TIP: Publish a Workspace to Files with Shortcuts - Tips & Tricks - Drafts Community

TIP: Publish a Workspace to Files with Shortcuts - Tips & Tricks - Drafts Community

Marked Help

Move Last Download to Current Finder Folder | ThoughtAsylum

Working with Paste on iPhone and iPad - Paste Help & Support

Using Paste Stack - Paste Help & Support

Keyboard shortcuts - Paste Help & Support

Mac Mouse Fix - A simple way to make your mouse better.


Sample iOS’ systems sounds | Alicia Ramirez

Filesystem folders accessible by shortcuts : r/shortcuts

AppleScript Fundamentals

macOS Development for Beginners: Part 1 |

Screen-Shot-2021-05-16-at-8.16.58-PM.png 1,172×1,038 pixels

Scripting from a Sandbox ·

appify — create the simplest possible Mac app from a shell script

HacKit | Indie Apps Catalog


Grammarly Now Supports Native Mac Apps - Software - MPU Talk

How to Add Startup Sounds to Your Mac


The Great Offline — Real Life

OverClip: A System for Saving Podcast Clips in Obsidian as Text


Telegram Desktop reaches version 1.0 – and it's BEAUTIFUL


2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Revealed: Softer Look, Impressive Tech

System Update

Reddit - Dive into anything

Reddit - Dive into anything

Reddit - Dive into anything

Reddit - Dive into anything


My Obsidian Setup, Part 1: Sync, Core Plugins, Workspaces, and Other Settings

Manually Install Obsidian Plugins on iOS and iPadOS via Working Copy and Its New Version Control for Files

Capturing content from websites, turning links into markdown links - Drafts Community

iOS Share and Capture - Drafts User Guide


iCloud for Windows: What is it (and how to use it) | Computerworld

How Apple's iCloud Drive works — and how to use it | Computerworld

Homepage – Matthew Cassinelli

All 25 of the Mac-Only Actions Coming to Shortcuts for Mac – Matthew Cassinelli

Bartender 4 - macOS Monterey Beta 1

Collaboration ― Help

iOS and iPadOS 15 Review Extras: eBooks, Shortcuts, Making Of, Obsidian Plugins, Safari Extension Beta, and AppStories Live - MacStories

iOS and iPadOS 15: The MacStories Review - MacStories

Shortcuts Directory / Start Here


LaunchCuts | LaunchCuts is a powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for shortcuts on iOS. Organize your shortcuts manually into folders or create smart folders using tags.

iPhone 13 Pro review: This Pro’s got few cons – Six Colors

macOS Monterey’s new network quality tool – Six Colors

What’s new in Photos in iOS 15 and macOS Monterey – Six Colors

macOS Monterey Review: Seeking harmony, but a work in progress – Six Colors

Shortcuts Archive - MacStories

RoutineHub • Bear

RoutineHub • Media2Do

bear ios siri shortcuts - Google Search

RoutineHub • Offload Shortcuts Beta 1

How to use Siri Shortcuts with Bear | FAQ & Support | Bear App

Gear Checklist — Prolost Store

embeds -

Secure ShellFish - SSH Terminal and Storage on iOS

Connecting to a Host - Termius Documentation

tilde town - Google Search A social network over SSH | Hacker News

How to use Q&A and Polls to increase audience engagement for your podcast

RoutineHub • What’s wrong with Spotify?

Drafts 29: Autocomplete –

Drafts –

Drafts 20 Introduces Advanced Wiki-Style Linking - MacStories

TIP: Publish a Workspace to Files with Shortcuts - Tips & Tricks - Drafts Community

VCard File Photo URI Support | Apple Developer Forums

RFC 6350: vCard Format Specification

Building a CardDAV client


How to Back Up or Export Your Twitter Lists

New Lists lookup functionality on Twitter Developer Platform Roadmap | Trello

Build what’s next with the new Twitter Developer Platform

New flexible timestamps in Drafts - All this

Using Drafts Templates - Integration Guides - Drafts Community

Templates - Drafts User Guide

Best (Tracks) of ➋⓿➋➊ · extratone/bilge Wiki

2021 · extratone/bilge Wiki


Red Dawn | The Verge

YouTube Music Review - The Verge

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium announced as YouTube Red replacements - The Verge

Settings - Pleroma Documentation


Via: Twitter Blue Ad-free Articles

The Scroll subscription service is an ingenious web technology hack - The Verge

Scroll makes hundreds of websites ad-free for $5 per month - The Verge


About Twitter Blue

About Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue Is Now Available. Here's Why We Hate It...

Twitter Blue: A Review. Some nice-to-haves, some value-adds… | by Vincent Orleck | Nov, 2021 | Medium

Twitter smarter, Twitter harder with Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue Ad-free Articles


iOS 15.2 ― Bug Fixes, Changes, and Improvements | MacRumors Forums

Apple Music’s voice plan likely to launch with iOS 15.2 - The Verge

New Links | Hacker News

iOS & iPadOS 15.1 Release Notes | Apple Developer Documentation

Newsroom - Apple

Apple News expands local news offerings - Apple

macOS Monterey is now available - Apple

Noir Configuration Utility · Issue #124 · extratone/i

Group tabs in Safari on Mac - Apple Support