writeas - Publish text quickly

   writeas [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]



     post     Alias for default action: create post from stdin
     new      Compose a new post from the command-line and publish
     publish  Publish a file to
     delete   Delete a post
     update   Update (overwrite) a post
     get      Read a raw post
     add      Add an existing post locally
     posts    List all of your posts
     blogs    List blogs
     claim    Claim local unsynced posts
     auth     Authenticate with
     logout   Log out of
     help, h  Shows a list of commands or help for one command

   -c value, -b value  Optional blog to post to
   --tor, -t           Perform action on Tor hidden service
   --tor-port value    Use a different port to connect to Tor (default: 9150)
   --code              Specifies this post is code
   --md                Returns post URL with Markdown enabled
   --verbose, -v       Make the operation more talkative
   --font value        Sets post font to given value (default: "mono")
   --lang value        Sets post language to given ISO 639-1 language code
   --user-agent value  Sets the User-Agent for API requests
   --help, -h          show help
   --version, -V       print the version