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  2. MediaKit - @ROP
  3. Shortcut Source Tool - @gluebyte
  4. Dictionary Action Builder - @gluebyte
  5. RoutineHub Markdown - @PEKKA_SLAYER
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Extraordinary audio manipulation shortcuts via a-Shell.

*/ Martin de Boer */


so.. who are some of the folks you would've chosen as judges? 👀 And maybe some shortcuts you think should have made the list?

sorry it's taken me so long to get back to ya hehe...

the answer is actually pretty easily just... the folks you see here! in this thread!

even if I thought it'd be constructive, I'm not sure I am emotionally capable of conveying why it's so frustrating. it might have actually been an overdramatic thing if they had not included Cassinelli but thank god they did.

the answer is actually not all that complicated - it's the folks you and I see in here, on Twitter, and on r/Shortcuts every darn day(?) answering questions competently and patiently.... when I know it's distinctly a recreational pastime for them.

and then also manage to pull stuff off like

the frank answer is I've never seen such consistently diligent documentation from Apple Themselves but that's not a necessary avenue for me to go down lol.

(So sorry I've been personally very frustrated and impatient with my continually degrading ability to communicate in text chat format.)