Keyboard Shortcuts Considerations in Twitter for iOS with Twitter Blue

A quick rundown of the state of Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts support in the native Twitter for iOS app (on iPhone, specifically) as of Version 8.92.3.

  1. The left and right arrow keys (unmodified) can navigate between one's Lists when in the Home timeline view.
  2. ⌘ + 1-6 navigates between the corresponding bottom navigation tabs.
  3. ⌘ + , opens the app's Settings menu.
  4. ⌘ + F will open the Explore tab and land one's cursor in its search field providing that Explore is included in one's custom navigation tabs.
  5. ⌘ + V anywhere in the app will open links to Tweets from the clipboard.
  6. ⌘ + =, -, and 0 will manipulate text size app-wide.
  7. `⌘ + ` opens the account switcher.


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Are you ready for a handy single take overview of keyboard shortcuts for it changes to Twitter Twitter's native Iowa app as of tutor blue or actually man I should really I'm not doing so well so far I really have a version number do you know that means virtually nothing version 8.19.3 of tweety to all right first in on the home tab which is not is the single not configurable tab in the new customers will navigation I'm going to be using the left and right arrow keys unmodified to cycle through my list that's almost thoughtful of course let's see yet home

Home works but yeah here we already are encountering a bug where spaces yet just just in fades the view and I'll go away but I'm I'm actually expecting anyone to try these of course is absurd command 12345 and six are dedicated to the six tabs that you set I'm sure this is sure this is not causing any sorts of issues I'm sure there's a great contact there this is making for some Ricardo they are very yeah that will take you through the configurable navigation to have a command, well open settings reliably oh my goodness gracious something that I almost no one is is going to you talk about I'm sure this might be the single place I'll ever be documented

Yes what punch you to start yeah yeah I'm a start with it in command F will take you to explore and most the time it will even land your cursor up in the search field up here however if you arm it does not apply if you remove it from the customer as well and now this is where it could this could genuinely be useful right if I use command a fear because then it's like oh wow I wouldn't actually need it oh wow look at that OK bad is that that's this is such so beautiful oh yeah and then of course I can at any time hater command via to open a Twitter link that's when I afraid to ask imagine in my review for blue oh also let's find a thread here I can always depend

Myself for threads so the thread reader yes has three take sizes and none of them really make sense if you know what I mean none of them seem natural but if he is command plus to know the cookie and them in the Paschke you can get a get a little bit more configuration here at while I've I've been at the second repeatedly come out that's yeah find 30 and so you can I think you have a seat with a small text at like the maximum size and then of course you can use command zero to reset actually one of the few features accessibility features in the unit of Tourette's considerate

This I don't only care of that anywhere else be up let's see and I think that's because the whole bit yeah let's see this is a great this is what's enabled by I have a longer videos and that's of course I hit that note instead of what I want to do after saying that oh yeah command M which apparently switched between light and dark mode some point does not work however command backs back/the one that's fine more easterly other keyboard will open the accounts with your menu so that's cool I think that you have that side of the whole bed that's keyboard shortcut considerations on iPhone in the narrator app

It's just sweet you I am before you know I've I'm really you're gonna have to bear with me here for I forget I really just I need I need to be able to get out of proud of you almost Twitter we'll see how much the sticks around when I unsubscribe that's gonna be a really curious thing