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Oh so as far as short cuts authorities go you can’t really like out rank Matthew Cassinelli who I know that he was on the original team that might work flow I was in the impression that it was just him I think I think it was on that impression when I first start talking about a series or cuts in that episode this years ago because I just discovered the podcast super computer she go back and listen to those they’re still available yeah he does what’s new in short cuts news later so I’ll be throwing a C was John Gruber right now who the fuck do you Matt Cassel it’ll be recently anyway that’s my feet I literally listen to it last night so she really know him and he’s been able to continue monitoring the software the year while his expert tease on Amazon for the belt without without working for Apple I’ll eat it for

OK so there’s this like his he just released his updated short cuts library which is definitely it looks great for sure it looks better than any of the other third-party shortcut distribution at peppers Grill at word because if you notice like the super computer is still around the branding is like that very impeccable look all the icons on MasterCuts for impeccable anyway so he’s going to a freemium thing going on I think you get like twice as many shortcuts if you pay in Mac’s roses got the same thing but you know they were there I didn’t build it up OK let me just say the thing about Cassinelli Shortcuts there is some sort of disc connect between the way that he uses them and the way that it’s a curse to me to use them so

Oh I just often on today browsed the free Shortcuts library that he released I download a few apps but so many of them are literally just exist OK like the community one it’s just a sign up for the slack I guess I think he’s going for his library being an introduction to short cuts for for anyone I guess who has seen what’s in the app in the officially endorsed Shortcuts gallery and I wanna do this if you’re in that position and that’s as good a place as any to start he said he’s gonna start doing video content again his voice is very deliberate and calming and that’s the opposite of me so and and you know I guess you just can’t be avoided if somebody was there but OK I don’t give example the shortcut to sign up for

The shortcuts sharing slacker I kind of assumed when I opened the slack app I got a wait it for something like I wish I was like I was rich that’s like integrated joining that way but I guess maybe it was just a link that out there it’s skipping to the part in the process when your son able to browser and it probably looks like I’m just skipping that part that makes sense but nothing happened I did it like three times so I went to grab it and looked at what was in the clipboard because he does the seashore can see this and it’s been it’s perplexed me I know it’s it should be really simple but his shortcuts always end up with a user asked them to some sort of action that just doesn’t occur to me I guess and it’s pretty it’s my fault for not looking through the documentation but notably all the other pets that are down in front of us or you have to and you’re a part of set up or configuration whatever you know there’s a big tax,

No it’s probably not visually upset at Sanders but with a shit load of*that’s OK if you’re wondering why this isn’t working you can go back and read this part of God think this wireless charger is making this noise oh no it’s just the power supply but yeah I think when I first started like deliriously playing with it is forget to say what the fuck is happening I don’t give you any further examples but just maybe a heads up if you’re having trouble I’m also cut not afraid it’s not like you’re totally off but if you’re if the type of person that actually wants to do this action was a mess round with shortcuts yourself miserable making them there’s nothing that can stop you but I just got out like if you or someone you know wants to learn shortcuts that do you forewarned that that stuff to add to the gallery I mean

His shortcuts are you wrote I’m sure many other triggers in the gallery is not all and his third-party ones are just is considered an robust there’s not gonna be here you don’t have anything to worry about for Matthew Cassinelli can’t stress that enough we should make for a good start I guess I spoke with Casey Newton about a shortcut that he was trying to run they called the day as a service in the news the lake use AI to you know this wasn’t the one that was in the news it was another that one makes people that animates old photos this one is just deep mind and it’s just basically like turns you can turn color photographs into black-and-white looking over your house anyway someone God I found her name it’s like hot 250 or something on it and read it they wrote this forgotten 2019 if found its way to KC Nunes iPhone via Liam cameras name

In this for the space to demonstrate in a what you do a short as it wasn’t fucking working and I was basically I was like hey Casey off I’ll figure out or find a dude I’ll look I’ll ask around I did find the person and convince them that the shortcut wasn’t working and surprise surprise it was a change between I was 13 and I was 14 this is the issue with shortcuts and the conclusion that I’m going to come to you is perhaps it’s radical after having I think I’ve gone pretty much as far as I can go without spending like two weeks in that horrible unintuitive drag and drop shortcut in her face like oh God like that I know these guys have been you know I made some absurdly complicated pieces of software automations but they’re like they think they update themselves and they have menu

Yes and like Easter eggs and this is all running off of was basically just a fancy notification bar I get the feeling OK and I get how exciting it is that we could do any like an any and all the stuff and I was like anyway that was I’ve gotten as far as I can without really really losing a lot of time I’ve probably shortcuts and I followed your kids life or just no one else it never occurred to anyone else like turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi that’s not it that’s the number one I mean it’s two actions define actions will have together I may work on a shortcut that gets OK if I ever like the most complicated one or the one that gets a list of all the apps installed on your phone and if he actually links and then takes that list to drafts and drafts has a thing as an action it’s really fucking amazing to me where it takes me

URL and it outputs a titled mark down like so it it scrapes the title and the webpage he leaving dress that’s behind his fucking thing and I wish I discovered earlier I’m gonna work actually learned to have been after this and any creates like a numbered list or a database of apps that are currently in salt air phone with all of them hyperlink to their App Store link and I will consider myself frankly that’s all the development that I need to do for a very long time if not the rest of my life OK I didn’t get around just like my mother there’s no reason for her to even worry about what shortcuts are in unless I don’t know if she wanted to open a webpage in chrome a lot instead of Safari and she wanted to put it on her home screen that’s one thing where like you can make it work out and I have a custom icon that just says open this URL in crumb I did that for

The one it’s because it’s the same thing as add to home screen safari and that’s like slightly smoother by a few milliseconds because it’s not a shortcut anyway basically like I don’t think I could I don’t like it like if I was determined to find a store at any shortcut my mom could use ride early should be using regularly there’s not one shortcuts that I use the most are I have one where it’s just a series of letters I thought I do the type of serious I can hold that is the sleep wake button type of Siri comes up I put in the series of letters and then Siri what’s a shortcut without leaving that screen that copies my password for my iCloud password to the clipboard know if you wanted to steal my shit I’m fairly confident that I have not included not sure if it in my pile of back ups that would be very dumb I also think I want to get Hobbs in Everson

Very weirdly intuitive warning shit services that was just like how are you supposed to on the new rebel and I just yeah but if you want to steal my shit I honestly that’s fine that would be something I could write about AnyWho so there’s that that was one that I’ve made recently added it’s literally one action and that’s the one that I was about to say all the shortcuts are things that that I use regularly are things that Apple should’ve implemented anyway like but when I say all of them I really just referring to the turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off I just really wish yeah anyway and it’s like the shortcuts that I have used when I wasn’t like really into it it’s just us that’s it it is nice because I’m on my way I can just say hey S word cut and then she runs that and so I can turn Bluetooth Wi-Fi off from across the room which

It’s nice and situations like say your phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker and it’s blasting it and you’re a lot an hour in the toilet and your phones across the room and in theory do a Marco polo shirt short that were like you’ve lost your phone on you because if you ask where are you should’ve says I’m here do your Marco Polo’s work out where it it’s like that loud sound so you can find it it’s cute it never works though yeah it does it just sounds worse than it was one more that I can think of I am OK so it’s my wake up weather is spoken aloud shortcut which is I did spend some time on an animal is stopped using I return the automation I said it ends up it’s Siri speaks louder the current temperature current sky conditions the expected high temperature for the day expected low temperature of the day sunrise time and the sunset time of the day believe it or not that it took a while especially

You’re not about that URL and it’s like in my experience automation was just saying just this case I think it’s the air in all cases but automation is a toy that is I guess it’s really satisfying when it does work right I can’t even act like there’s that hard scraper is artwork shortcut that gets any Apple property books audiobooks Apple TV+ it goes and gets the images that’s the Hi-Rez images that’s like the fucking movie poster the app icons in the screenshots and goes and scrapes that I would surmise that that’s probably it was a very difficult thing to set up I can update itself preferences and I would like I would guess that’s very satisfying to see you let’s get started so working to see the worse and is useful to a lot of people I can’t imagine that breaking because I’m at it just goes and gets the web it it finds whatever the web scheme

That’s good anyway that’s the most complicated and prayers just it’s I know it’s it’s that it’s my fucking touch forget that it is so illustrates so well the problem with automation it’s like it’s finding a solution I can really fit elite solution that’s heart that like brakes and it’s very nuanced and it’s hard to document for anyone else really into it and find a solution like that for a problem that either shouldn’t exist or could be solved in a traditional way and I wish more permanent sense is that sexy I guess if you know where the the way that I’m using that word and that’s the contacts I hope it’s not you know exciting new and I understand I listen to the fucking google class episode of a land of the Giants today I remember how exciting everyone was about glass

I thought it was astonishing and it was it was a spectacle it wasn’t my thing that I didn’t add I wasn’t experiencing the holy like the holy shit I’m screaming inside thing yet it was kind of relaxing but I did get it I got I got the idea to be cool right I should’ve shut up on this but that’s I suspect that there are a lot of people that just can’t get that question answered and I don’t wanna treat you I don’t wanna kind of send to you like Apple does but it would be really convenient if they had in the situation because like shortcuts and fun to play with they should be on the lake they should be considered games some of them are more fucking weirdly powerful but usually it’s brief it’s junk and it’s going to get broken and a lot of times it’s just like I don’t understand all of it but it sounds like apple removes some Kimberly like fucking permanently like some aspect of an API that can pass through