View Source in Textastic Shortcut

Updated 11112022-201558


I discover/re-discover some old iOS app and initially run it out of excitement/nostalgia, but then quickly find out that it's faster/smoother/more reliable/more capable at some task/workflow I do every day than any "current" application by such a huge margin that I almost always end up just fretting like...

so what the heck are we doing???

alright folks... can anyone actually show me a faster way to view a page's source.. on any machine?

View Source in Textastic - Showcuts

The fastest means of viewing web page source code.

View Source in Textastic - Showcuts

This shortcut's entire function is to replace an inbound URL's "scheme" (http or https) with textastic in order to use Textastic's URL scheme to download and view the source of the page at said address.

Video Demo