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Enpass is not open source, but it is cross platform as all heck, far more frugal than the competition, and frankly FAR more intelligent to actually use day-to-day by way of … leaving in the buttons.

believe it or not, I had the opportunity to bring this up with at least one of the OG agilebits guys on their Twitter Spaces event for the launch of 1Password 8 just a few days ago and recorded my little bit evangelizing Enpass.

whoa whoa whoa. actually you know what… I did a terrible job of expressing anything definite about Enpass lol… beyond the insistence that somebody in that company like… live in Enpass for a week and record their keystrokes lol.

funny enough, ()

I hope this doesn’t feel like I’mt

VIVALDI!!! I’m so happy to have found this chat.