Testing GitHub Sponsors

Testing GitHub Sponsors
Testing GitHub Sponsors

Support my exploration of Editorial Git as I continue to study hands-on how we might best swing technology media’s perspective back to the little realities of the individuals who actually build the functions and features of its foundation.


G̏̽͋ͩͬ͊̈́o͌ͭ͆̂̍̈́̌oͩ͒ͩd̋̃͑ ͐ͣm̌orͬͥͤͣ̊n̋ͧͩ͐i͛̉n̔̎g̏͂̔ͦ̈!̿̍͆̽͒̍

I’m David Blue and I am not a software developer. Though I do fairly regularly author and distribute various tool-adjacent configurations you may find of value, I am fundamentally not a builder, though I am relentlessly compelled to seek out spaces like GitHub where builders congregate around the context of work

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Here are some ideas of what you can tell your potential sponsors:
- [ ] Who are you, and where are you from?
- [ ] What are you working on?
- [ ] Why is their sponsorship important? How will you use the funds?

Hint: You can include images and emojis in your bio!