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I’ve done it folks… I do believe I have devised the speediest means of rendering single-capture iPhone mockups.

I took Federico Viticci’s Apple Frames 2.0 and made the following modifications:

  1. I deleted all of the annotations in Comment form. They’re a testament to Federico’s diligence and huge contribution to personal automation with iOS… but they’re also just extra text.
  2. I replaced the Find Photos Where action with Get Latest Photos with the Include Screenshots toggle ON and the retrieval limit set to just one.
  3. I deleted the entire export preferences menu and replaced it with actions that save the result both to a specific Photos album for frames and a corresponding iCloud Drive folder.


The resulting shortcut takes around 5–7 seconds to produce a single mocked up frame on my iPhone 12 Pro Max running iOS 15.3 beta after it’s triggered, and I think most of that is spent displaying the requisite notifications.

See my post coming soon to https://bilge.world if you’d like to know how I rigged it up with Back Tap :)

- [Twitter Video/Thread](https://twitter.com/neoyokel/status/1471883295042510859)

hey y’all I had to share this with you… by far the quickest setup for creating iPhone screen mockups I’ve ever come up with, certainly.

@viticci’s Apple Frames 2 Shortcuts but set to grab the last screenshot (no selection,) and triggered by a double Back Tap.

I’ll be documenting and sharing shortly! if you need more details, this Issue is where they’ll be coming first. https://github.com/extratone/i/issues/117

- [--RoutineHub Page--](https://routinehub.co/shortcut/8994/)
- [iCloud Share Link](https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/5bd639a8c8894d32ba7f2a1d8fcc971b)
- [Back Tap Quick Frames · Issue #117 · extratone/i](https://github.com/extratone/i/issues/117)
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I figured I may as well share my personal Drafts web page capture Shortcut, which reliably returns Markdown-formatted Drafts headed by a given web page’s featured image (if present,) byline, and timestamp, followed by a correctly-hyperlinked source URL between quotation marks.


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