Transcript - Gargron is Not a Growth Goblin

Macedon if you don't mind I was hoping we could talk directly I'm not gonna talk about any of the things that I've said on my feet already and then proceeds to talk about really not instead I'm going to know since we're in day two of this quaint cute little one of dozens are you one of the more than a dozen interpretations of an iOS Macedon client has been released since that somehow prompted the huge abstract questions again Well I've been reading the ugly truth the New York Times best seller book about Facebook via I suppose I will know that it's just like it's the book that I think is finally making like you know neoliberals neoliberal boomers in generation Xers your eye don't know didn't respond to any of the alarms ring I think I feel pretty definitively make Facebook at a topic in their conversations again in their dinner parties water anyway I thought I knew quite a bit about Mark Zuckerberg Well I guess I am I made an assumption about Mark Zuckerberg and it's an important one in this conversation I assume the mark Zuckerberg was like the Google guys the guys that start a Google or card I can think of a plan examples of just gonna say like a lot of the founders that made the services that it's still around but from that era were academics and like what they really wanted to do is like and still want to do more than run these big companies is they wanna be free to make other stuff right it is like making and experimenting with stuff and academic setting so I can Google guys literally as soon as they possibly could get out of management they did and made now they just go and do crazy shit that is like it definitively I thought that was Mark OK I don't know how I was so wrong and it while I do inside I forgot some important events 2006 Facebook was like 430 people above a Chinese restaurant and Yahoo offered $1 billion for them and Mark turned it down saying I don't know what I would do with all that money probably just make another fucking Facebook that is huge I don't know how I forgot about that I feel like I didn't know about that Naturally literally everybody left I think which is awful for us because that means that the people who you know or reason why have to react with like other like wow you're insane anyway OK sorry so what does he want he's not he doesn't want money really he don't understand money he literally just wanted to dominate he wanted to win "" this and win back then just meant like growing as fast as possible I mean and it still doesn't horrendous basically I didn't actually think that Mark Zuckerberg from the very beginning wanted to build Facebook into what it is today but he really did Anyway I don't know Eugen go on all that well I mean like he was nice enough to schedule me for the first lot for interview on that big press day that he had and I think I probably annoyed him I know I've listen to the audio that I did and I was very ignorant and yeah anyway well I was actually interested in the human clinical humans just the actual story as opposed to this is a product or this is an experimental implementation of some Software design principles and I look anyway I just want to know the story with someone else but what I can help him almost certain F is the Oregon is far more intelligent is far too intelligent to legitimately for one thing set out to conquer it like being in a bit I don't think he wants power OK like if we didn't want to power think about like how I don't know Companies with money do you have to go out like Oregon could get a job Twitter real quick right and I will be making it would tend to not I don't think it's power and I don't think it's money because you know if for any other reason then he could there a pass where do you get those things and none of them look like this one OK like before I want to go and use the application because and then consider like how long was developed people who build shit for like proprietary bullshit centralize what is the ad tech bullshit it's all built for this alternate purpose right it's not built to be good software they don't put the kind of like Care care care they're not thorough and the app is very very thoroughly built like it's thoughtfully built it's considered like people spent they didn't just like think about it as little as possible if I was a tool to make me Oregon master of the days of the tournament I don't know definitively and any hopes of the centralize social by embracing it and then all at once extinguisher That would be such a great story if you anyway I just use the app OK even if you fucking hate it even if you think it I don't know like it is very clear that the people who made it we're thinking about it a lot we can even maybe say that they take pride in it it's not just the surface stuff the keyboard shortcut supplementation yeah people people who want to have ulterior motives they don't do this kind of shit OK what I was trying to get you I have a feeling that Oregon is only the CEO because there's not you have to be right now I have a feeling that like if I can get straight up tell you all the policies shit away right now that he would like yeah he he's very emotionally and like intellectually invested in this thing and it's full of a lot of edgy people there is and like he doesn't he doesn't just like simmer he definitely get from what I see anyway responds emotionally you should be thankful for that bitch like you Even when he's being an asshole literally this is gonna sound ridiculous all end of this now OK that's transparency I'm not saying that all of his decisions are perfect but I would much rather have an Oregon who gets openly pissed off and said shit that he regrets and maybe even some I don't know I would much rather him actually say it then well any of the other social reality that I like to think the Twitter OK then it Beachler other medicines I hope this works I don't know I'm really trying to pay attention to the other I also am glad that people are Harnell comfortable with being as reaction is some have been basically as like I'm going to go out I just wanna make sure everyone is aware considering that I spent the past few months of my life document and I wanna make sure everyone is aware just how many alternatives are OK if you're aware that you're still pissed off about the app Missions that's fine I just wanna make sure that we're all we're OK with that but I've got his write anything in your first party app review on bills that world OK beam me up anytime of the way I love it