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Shadt318 | 2022-05-24 16:08:37 UTC | #1

What is the best approach for forwarding a specific iMessage to drafts.

Ie; I have some information in my iMessage to forward to a draft work space. How can I accomplish this aspect ?

agiletortoise | 2022-05-24 16:24:24 UTC | #2

I don't think the Messages app has any support for integration. I think the only option you have to copy-paste. The menu options when you select a message in the app do not offer any kind of "Share" option or similar, only "Copy"


Bizarrely, the only method of automatically retrieving content from messages in the history of iMessage (as far as I know) is through Siri Shortcuts automations.

iMessage ⇨ Drafts Automation
iMessage ⇨ Drafts Automation

Using the Received Message From: trigger, you have a few different types of content that are passed in the form of Shortcut Input (note the third screenshot above.)

I just tested it and it still works! Though there's no way for me to share the configuration directly, unfortunately.