02122022-194602 | Tilde Blog

An excerpt from my upcoming “How to Fuck Text” guide:

â€ĶI believe my Text Fucking career began somewhere around the 7th grade, at 13-14 years old. It was my second or third time flunking MS02 - the Microsoft Office II course - taken on fairly outdated school desktop machines in the 2007-2008 era, all running Windows XP. Because of some inexplicable ability to simply do what I was told, I would spend class periods trying to create the largest possible text file in Notepad by copying and pasting huge, exponentially-growing globs. Eventually, I did crash a machine at least once. Though it could very well be simply the self-exaggerated recollection of preteendom, I even remember crashing the school server with one of those files.

I was delighted by Drafts developer Greg when he shared a Zalgotext Drafts Action in response to a request on Twitter earlier this afternoon.