Things Reading List Siri Shortcut

Updated 03142024-054714


quickly create and instantly open a To-Do in @culturedcode's Things from either the Share Sheet or copied URL. #Apple #iOS #iPadOS #iOSBeta #iPadOSBeta #iOS17 #iPadOS17 #AppleFeedback #Shortcuts #AppleShortcuts

— 𝗗 𝗔 𝗩 𝗢 𝗗 (@NeoYokel) March 14, 2024

Created a Things To-Do with titled hyperlink from a single URL.

This simple Shortcut utilizes the native Get Name action to retrieve an inputted URL's web page title, which it then uses as the title of a new Things To-Do in a location chosen at setup including a markdown-formatted hyperlink to the input URL as demonstrated in the screenshotted example output below.

Things Reading List Example Output

It will also open said To-Do immediately in Things for iOS/iPadOS/macOS via Things' URL scheme as demonstrated in this video I posted on Mastodon.

Setup Steps

  1. Choose a parent Project or Area for new Reading List To-Dos. (Optional)
  2. Choose Things tags to append to new Reading List To-Dos. (Optional)