i have read so much about “bare bones,” “back-to-basics,” “distraction-free” writing apps for so fucking long…

it would be nice if a project came along that was like “this writing app is the future of humanity…. it’s the future of romance… it’s the future of space travel…. "

"we don't know what it is, anymore." "it's become a mystery to all but one of us, these past months." "it's a fucking Goliath and we've lost control! please help us for god's sake!!"

"we bear the solitary burden of living the rest of our days knowing it was us who did this… that all of this was our fault… that we'll never wake up from this nightmare and be free of the guilt."

I'm not saying I would convert or anything… I just think the conversation could really use at least one solid departure from the minimalizing terms, if only to give them some meaning back.