Tot Git Shortcut


Git-enabled Dot sync with Working Copy.


Tot Git
Tot Git

This shortcut uses the new actions present in Iconfactory’s Tot Pocket to retrieve the contents of all 7 tot dots and write it to corresponding, individual .md and .txt files within a Working Copy repository as well as one combined .md file. By default, all of the Write Repository Files actions are set to also stage the written files for commit. (See my very own as an example, if you’d like.)

After the files have been written and staged, they are automatically committed with a message in the following format: Tot Git - MMddYYYY-HHmmss The repository is then committed.

Upon installation, you will be asked to specify the path to the target Working Copy repository. Unless you’re using the app’s folders function, though, (sync/tot, for example,) you need only enter the case-sensitive name of the repository (e.g. tot.)