Drafts Autocompletes

Updated 08162022-123908

Drafts Autocompletes
Drafts Autocompletes

This is a collection of my personal “Autocomplete Suggestions” (identical to what TextExpander calls “snippets”) for Drafts, and they are installable, if you’d like.

Definitely read Tim Nahumck’s work on this feature if you’re curious about it.


The hyperlinks on the expansion triggers will take you a corresponding plain text file containing the installation URL (which is, of course, the entire contents of each, encoded in a string.) Copy the full text of the URL, paste it in your web browser, and tap/click “Go” (or your equivalent)/key RETURN or ENTER. Regardless of platform, you should receive a prompt asking if you’d like to open it in Drafts.

Here’s a wee demo video:

<video controls>
  <source src="[[clipboard]]">
<audio controls>
  <source src=“”>
action Autocomplete
action Autocomplete