"URL Schemes"

URL Schemes Taio supports launching functionalities using URL schemes, which can make your workflow more flexible.

If your scenario is not supported, please let us know and we can improve.

Save Clipboard

taio://clips?action=save Copy to Clipboard

taio://clips?action=copy&text=text Create New Clipping

taio://clips?action=new Clear All Clips

taio://clips?action=clear Be careful with this, it clears all clips without asking for confirmation.

Create A New File

taio://editor?action=new Path and location can also be specified:

taio://editor?action=new&path=path&location=0 location 0: local files, 1: iCloud Drive files.

Open A File in The Editor

taio://editor?action=open&path=path&location=0 location 0: local files, 1: iCloud Drive files, 2: Added external locations.

It opens the folder in file explorer when path is a folder.

Open A File in Preview Mode

For Markdown files, you can open them in preview mode by replacing .md suffix with .html:

taio://editor?action=open&path=Example.html&location=0 Other parameters work the same way.

Search Tags

Search for a given tag, list all files containing that tag:

taio://editor?action=open&tag=tag Open Quick Drafts

taio://drafts Append Text to File

taio://editor?action=append&path=path&location=0&text=text location 0: local files, 1: iCloud Drive files, 2: Added external locations.

The file will be created automatically if it does not exist.

Similarly, you can use parameter action=overwrite to overwrite an existing file, instead of appending to the end.

Import Actions

taio://actions?action=import&url=url When the file is quite small, you can also use data instead of url:

taio://actions?action=import&data=data data is the file content, it should be URL encoded.

It can also import actions copied to the clipboard:

taio://actions?action=import&data=clipboard Run Actions

taio://actions?action=run&name=name&input=input If input is passed in as an input parameter, it can be retrieved by the Last Value variable.

URL Encoding

Note that, URL parameters should be URL encoded, for example:

taio://actions?action=import&url=https%3A%2F%2Ftaio.app%2Fdemo.taioactions The original text for url is https://taio.app/demo.taioactions (It's a pseudo link just for example), without URL encoding, the parameter will not be correctly extracted.


Taio supports x-callback-url standard for running actions, for example:

taio://x-callback-url/actions?action=run&name=name&x-success=successURL&x-error=errorURL&x-cancel=cancelURL When actions finish running without errors, x-success will be opened, the output value will be added as taio-output. Otherwise, x-error will be opened, the error message will be added as taio-error.

For details, please refer to the x-callback-url specification.


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