This is going to seem entirely out of left field, but for those looking for that OG function of Drafts… as just a safe place to compose text you intend to use elsewhere (as opposed to the Tweet compose interface, which just lost me like 15 minutes of typing, which led me here… hehe,)

I have been using Telegram, of all things for years. notably, if you hit Ctrl + 0 from anywhere in the Windows client, you and your cursor are taken to the compose field beneath your personal “Saved Messages” channel, which is searchable, has an extremely high per-message character limit (after which it just automatically splits,) and is ridiculously reliable in saving “drafts” live as you’re typing. as in… I have actively tried to lose characters by killing the application and then logging in on my phone and have yet to accomplish losing a single one (among other advantages: zero formatting added to plain text by default - not even line breaks - no total file limit and 2GB per file limit uploads, absurdly cross-platform, literally more reliable than SMS in poor network conditions.) you can immediately reenter a sent message with to edit, copy it, escape with just Esc and then paste to start a new revision.

my other suggestion which I would personally use for this if I wasn’t such a high-intensity clipboard user: God’s great gift to man, CopyQ is an extremely robust and infinitely customizable clipboard manager that supports complex scripting and…. somehow… I just managed to set up live syncing of my CopyQ clipboard over iCloud for Windows, and you absolutely would not believe how well it actually works.

as far as send to yourself functions… Telegram’s is the absolute most capable and usable by far, I promise. here’s more explanation in the form of this response I posted yesterday (I don’t expect anyone to actually engage with it though lol.)