Hey there!

I am a computing masters graduate from Imperial College London. Half French, half Danish, and born in London, I’ve ended up with a terrible sense of humour, large eyebrows, and a love of good design (and cinnamon swirls).

My summers in Denmark have taught me to appreciate nature, casual sports and to fear the ocean; hence why most of my favourite things to do include outdoor sports, preferably in the water.

The contrast with this comes out in my programming, where I try to build helpful tools The only thing that doesn’t match those criteria is programming; but then my Danish roots kick in, and I strive to achieve the software equivalent of scandi design. Simple, automated, easy to use tools; the ideal merger of design and tech. Meanwhile, the French part of me kinda just sits about and complains. Probably on strike. I’ve managed to stop it from picking up a smoking habit, and it hasn’t found any monarchies to overthrow yet, so all it does is find new ways for me to avoid working.