iPad Storage Structure

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Hey guys, I actually have a time sensitive and quite consequential hardware/setup question.

My girlfriend is a third grade teacher at a public elementary school here in mid-Missouri, and her 2023 school year is going to start in 8 days.

||I'm going to assume you're all smarter/more observant than me, but... I am ashamed to confess that I had absolutely no idea just how integrated iPads have become in elementary school education in an extremely consequential way. The past week has been... Extremely alarming, but that's not relevant to my question sorry.||

Each of her 25 children will be getting a 32GB, fifth-generation iPad (iPad6,11) that they sometimes take home I guess? But she will be responsible for storing, dispensing, charging, and regularly transporting (as in, between classroom and the "media center") all of them.

I have been asked to address the issue of storing and transporting them, specifically, and I thought the challenge might be a potentially enjoyable one to engage with. I've attached a single example of what another teacher has come up with (as well as an image of one of the half dozen or so?? piles of devices ||(none of which have been updated beyond 15.1 yet!!!!)|| to give you some idea of the scale of what these teachers are dealing with.)

Thanks in advance for your time. I uh.... need assistance lmao.


Any cart solution is pricey sadly, 30 unit charging cart is nearly $1000USD. There are a lot cheaper optiions, just need to have enough chargers 😄

What is your budget for this?

My middle school used a cart with wheels that could both charge and transport about 30 iPads at a time

From my experience you have to use a proper cart. And it will cost 4 figures. Seems a bit odd whoever purchased all the iPads at the school administration level hasn’t budgeted for a cart per class too! Cart seems expensive until screens start getting smashed moving from one room to another without suitable solution!!