Comment on Mr. Mobile’s Google 6 Pro Roadtrip Review

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please don’t ever let less than ideal audio recording conditions ever prevent you from making one of these. if you looked at this account’s comment feed (I’m assuming you can still find such a thing on this service but I really wouldn’t know,) it’s undoubtedly just gobby praise like this one on your videos, and there’s a reason for that: this is what I want. call it gaming the algorithm if you’d like… again, I don’t know, but clearly I had been profoundly deprived of thoughtful, authoritative, and delightfully presented commentary on consumer technology for a very long time. for whomsoever is reading this - human or not - I will no doubt continue to be compelled to use my time to celebrate this work, because it is important work!!

and maybe I really have just become ancient, but gosh… can we take a step back and note that Mr. Mobile’s sort of strong confidence as a super well-established presenter on these subjects is so much more viscerally compelling than any other I can find on YouTube speaking on handsets, these days. (Mark Watson and Jon Rettinger would be exempt from that statement had I not notably discovered them long before YouTube became what is is now… before it became what it was before, even)

Also, it is okay to write to sound clever!… To take care to look for synonyms to keep things flowing. Indeed, more than okay! At least in this case, definitive language has a lot of practical value! (Full disclosure: I have tried and failed to convincingly make this editorial argument about my own work for years, so…)