Seek Telegram Message by ID Shortcut

Open Telegram message by specified channel(or)group/messageID.


This shortcut constructs the standard URL to a specific Telegram message in a public channel or group via two Ask for Input actions:

  1. The @ name of the subject channel/group (without the @.) Ex: extratone
  2. The numeric message ID of the subject message. Ex: 9911 The two are then combined:, which is copied to the clipboard and opened in Telegram via an Open URLs action.

Upon installation, you’ll be prompted to set default values for both, but neither are required.


URL List ⇨ Telegram Shortcut

Send URLs in separate messages to a specified contact in Telegram.


Video Demo

Note: I have only been able to get Telegram for iOS’ shortcut actions to work when using my full 10-digit number + international code (+15738234380.) My own number is the only one I’ve actually tried (I originally created this shortcut for my own use, which is excusively within my “Saved Messages” chat.)

Using a Get URLs from Input action, this shortcut sends a list of links as single-message-per-URL messages to a contact of your specification via Telegram. It can be added to the share sheet to receieve Text, Rich Text, and URLs. Otherwise, it will retrieve a list of links from the clipboard. —-

Clipboard ⇨ Telegram Message Shortcut

Send clipboard text to phone number-based contact in Telegram.


This shortcut uses Telegram Messenger for iOStg://msg?text= URL scheme to send text from the clipboard to an internationally-formated phone number (without hypens +15738234380) specified at install. “Send” isn’t entirely accurate - this shortcut results in a state one step before actually sending a message. That is, it opens the specified chat in the app and populates the text entry field. (See this GIF.)