id: index title: Introduction meta: Learn how to use the Infinite Flight Scenery Editor with our online documentation. #

Welcome to the Scenery Editor Manual! #

Guide Version: 22.8.0 #

Welcome to the Scenery Editor Manual, designed to help newly qualified and veteran editors alike, bring 2D and 3D airport updates to Infinite Flight.

On joining the Scenery Editor Team and uploading airports using the Scenery Editor, all Editors agree to the Contributor License Agreement (CLA).

Scenery Editor Manual Version (Internal): 22.8.1 #

Last Updated: 1015Z - 08 DEC 22 #

+++ Summary of Changes - Version: 22.8.1 (CURRENT VERSION)

Location Change
Section 1A New section with guidance for Editors
3.1.2 Link updated to go to the #editors sub-category on the IFC
5.1 Formatting issue within do/do not table fixed
11.1.3 Limit on Peer Reviews per airport removed
Section 11A New section with guidance for Reviewers


+++ Summary of Changes - Version: 22.4.1

Location Change
2.1.2 Reference to model lines added
5.1, 6.1, 8.1 and 9.1 “Do and Do Not” tables added
6.2.3 Added ILS holds and runway turnaround lines to table
6.2.4 Added runway and ILS holds to table
9.5 New section for model lines
11.2 Notes added to highlight particular points in the editor checklist


+++ Summary of Changes - Version: 22.2.1

Location Change
All Complete Rework