1Password Deduplication Script Request

Updated 10042022-163241

Suggestion/Request: Item Deduplication Script

I apologize for hopping right in and quite informally, but I'm actually very confident many 1Password users other than myself have been seeking a method of deduplicating (imported, mostly) items in their vaults because I have spent significant amount of time searching the web - including 1Password's own official community platforms - for a way to reliably achieve this post-the tools deprecation/removal(?) of the native deduplication tool from the macOS client in recent versions.

If it'd be helpful, I can go back through that browsing history and actually cite some Stack Overflow/forum links.

I know that I, personally, am seeking the most discriminating sort of deduplication - as in, it'd still be very helpful if provided methods only worked with precisely identical matches.

Thank you! If there's a more appropriate place for me to share this request, please do let me know.