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Things 3.6 Reimagines External Keyboard Control on iPad - MacStories

Despite Apple’s message that the iPad Pro can be a viable PC replacement because, among other features, it natively supports a dedicated external keyboard, its software still isn’t fully optimized for keyboard control. This isn’t surprising at all: iOS was designed with multitouch in mind; as long as the iPad shares a common foundation with the iPhone, it’ll always be first and foremost a touch computer. The iPad Pro line, however, is nearing its third anniversary, and its external keyboard integration still feels like an afterthought that’s hard to reconcile with the company’s marketing.

My Obsidian Setup, Part 3: My 'Dashboard' Note for Quick Links, Todoist Tasks, Saving Ideas, and Keeping Track of Current Projects

What I need, however, is a tool that lets me see, at a glance, all the things I’m currently working on and stuff that’s on my mind, allowing me to quickly jump to those things and start processing them.

MacStories Weekly: Issue 296

Shortcuts can’t do anything with your Apple Music subscription. It can only find and play songs you’ve added to your local library.

My Obsidian Setup, Part 5: Appending Text and Webpage Links to Specific Sections of My 'Dashboard' Note

With a single click, Obsidian launches and displays my custom QuickAdd menu, ready for me to save an idea or reopen the Dashboard note.

Rethinking iPad Home Screens and Interesting Details About Twitter Blue

David has been looking into how ad-free articles work on Twitter Blue and shared a useful tip on how to read them outside the Twitter app.

Automation Academy: Diving Deeper into Reminders Actions

Optionally, you can choose to create a new reminder as a subtask of an existing reminder. I could use Shortcuts’ ability to parse Safari webpages as articles to extract details such as title and word count;

MacStories Weekly: Issue 300

As I explained on AppStories, there’s a nice visual trick behind this approach. This Shortcuts widget is in the same spot on all my Focus-based Home Screens. This way, when I switch between Focus modes or go back to the Personal one, it looks as if my iPhone is “refreshing” the contents of the same Home Screen page.

MacStories Weekly: Issue 303

Todoist has added the ability to paste a list into the app, which separates each item in the list by its newline characters to create individual tasks.

The 2021 MacStories Selects Awards

The MacStories Selects Award Winners

MacStories Weekly: Issue 305

there’s a new button called ‘Delete and Edit’ that deletes the original tweet and puts it back in the Compose window.

MacStories Weekly: Issue 306

Define Word (‌⌘⌃D). You may know that ⌘⌥D hides your Mac’s dock, but did you know that its close cousin ⌘⌃D defines whatever the word under your cursor using the system Dictionary app? ⌘+9 opens the last tab on the right even if there are more than nine tabs open, and ⌘+0 does nothing.

More Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Forward-Delete. Fn+delete does the opposite of the delete key by itself. Instead of deleting one character at a time from right to left, Fn+delete eliminates characters one at a time from left to right.

Interview: Greg Pierce

none of those new features are required There will always be advantages to being fully native on the platform.

App Debuts

Theming offers the ability to change the look of Drafts’ entire UI

Home Screen: Federico Viticci

In a way, I see Tot as what Drafts used to be before it started adding actions and workspaces, but with the ability to move across multiple scratchpads with a single swipe.

Automating Markdown with Taio, Part 1

imagine Editorial, but more heavily inspired by Shortcuts’ approach to automation, with fewer features than Ole Zorn’s 1.0 debut in 2013.

MacStories Weekly: Issue 309

the Obsidian mobile app now supports Live Preview

iPad Apps with Extensive Keyboard Support

Things is, to the best of my knowledge, the app that birthed the recent trend of offering full navigation via a connected keyboard. In the world of note-taking, it’s hard to find a third-party app with keyboard integration as strong as Agenda’s. I had to qualify “third-party app” because Apple’s own Notes app has surprisingly extensive keyboard support itself. But while Notes may get all the basics right, Agenda is a more complex app and thus it’s even more impressive how much of the app can be controlled via keyboard. Though the app can still revert to touch-only in popover menus, its primary shortcoming, outside of that you’ll find basic navigation via keyboard but also a rich set of shortcuts for doing even obscure things like adjusting line spacing or text size, moving notes before or after one another, hiding or revealing different side panels, and much more.