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this the closest I've ever come to a homescreen in this device's layout which I'm at least comfortable seeing every now and then. idk why I"m so bad or why I even waste my time - the rational thing would be to just duplicate whatever homescreens I can find of Federico Viticci's lol.


Where I Started
Where I Started

Where I started

Jorts, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iOS 16 Developer Beta 1, 06062022-220822.



Introduced May 2021 Discontinued -- Model Identifier iPad13,8 (128, 256, or 512 GB storage) iPad13,9 (1 or 2 TB storage) Model Number A2378 EMC 3689 Order Number MHNF3LL/A (128 GB Space Gray) MHNH3LL/A (256 GB Space Gray) MHNK3LL/A (512 GB Space Gray) MHNM3LL/A (1 TB Space Gray) MHNP3LL/A (2 TB Space Gray) MHNG3LL/A (128 GB Silver) MHNJ3LL/A (256 GB Silver) MHNL3LL/A (512 GB Silver) MHNN3LL/A (1 TB Silver) MHNQ3LL/A (2 TB Silver) Initial Price $1,099 (128 GB) $1,199 (256 GB) $1,399 (512 GB) $1,799 (1 TB) $2,199 (2 TB) Support Status Supported Colors Space Gray or Silver Weight and Dimensions 1.5 lbs., 11.04 H x 8.46 W x 0.25 D inches DISPLAY

Display Size 12.9-inch (diagonal) widescreen Display Resolution2732-by-2048 resolution Refresh Rate 24 - 120Hz ProMotion Brightness 600 cd/m2 max, 1000 cd/m2 max full-screen, 1600 cd/m2 peak (HDR) Pixel Density 264 ppi Color Gamut Wide color gamut (P3) STORAGE

Capacity 128, 256, 512 GB, 1, or 2 TB INPUT

Input Method Multi-Touch, Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) Face ID Enabled by TrueDepth camera for facial recognition

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WWDC 2022

What's new in UIKit - WWDC21 - Videos - Apple Developer

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