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Where Text Starts™ and David Blue Ends.


This is my repository for AgileTortoise's Drafts, of which I've been a customer/user for the majority of my adult life.

Please feel free to use/distribute anything in here - including original content - as per the terms of "The Unlicense, Dave Edition."



Telegram Group (New!)

Drafts Cult Telegram Group QR Code
Drafts Cult Telegram Group QR Code

I have long pondered creating an unofficial chat-format space for the Drafts community and finally decided to just have a go! @draftsapp is a public Telegram Group for anyone and everyone to discuss Drafts. See its corresponding issue in this repo for more details.

Written Work

Siri Shortcuts

David Blue on the Drafts Action Directory

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Main Preview
Main Preview

Windows Eternal


A celebration of The Winders™ Aesthetic. Based on one of my favorite Telegram themes.


ENCOM Span CDCD8EEA-8046-4D2B-A302-AA5A29A06544


Greyhound on iOS Greyhound macOS

Inspired by a Telegram Theme. Version 1.0 02032022-020741


Windows Iowa

Windows Iowa - iPad Pro
Windows Iowa - iPad Pro
Windows Iowa
Windows Iowa

Drafts Directory Link

(A variant of the “BSOD” theme by kimonostereo.)

Color radicalized version of the source inspired by a fictional alpha version of Windows (Windows Iowa.)

See: “Windows Iowa Startup Theme

The Theme's Issue on my iOS GitHub Repo

The Psalms

Four Portrait
Four Portrait

Replicating the reading experience of bilge.world.

Drafts Directory Link

Drafts Version: 26.2.4 Drafts Subscription: Pro Device: iPhone Operating System: iOS OS Build: 14.5

Version 0.1

I did not originally intend to share this theme, but I sortof accidentally ended up with a configuration I’m extremely happy with.

Drafts Autocompletes
Drafts Autocompletes


This is a collection of my personal “Autocomplete Suggestions” (identical to what TextExpander calls “snippets”) for Drafts, and they are installable, if you’d like.

Definitely read Tim Nahumck’s work on this feature if you’re curious about it.


The hyperlinks on the expansion triggers will take you a corresponding plain text file containing the installation URL (which is, of course, the entire contents of each, encoded in a string.) Copy the full text of the URL, paste it in your web browser, and tap/click “Go” (or your equivalent)/key RETURN or ENTER. Regardless of platform, you should receive a prompt asking if you’d like to open it in Drafts.

Here’s a wee demo video:

[David Blue‘s Drafts Configs](drafts://open?uuid=38A942A2-33C4-4630-9CDE-B005989F4E3A)

<video controls>
  <source src=“”>
<audio controls>
  <source src=“”>
<script src=".js"></script>

[GitHub Issue](https://github.com/extratone/bilge/issues/)
<!-- [[u:38A942A2-33C4-4630-9CDE-B005989F4E3A]] : EMBED -->

Drafts Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated 07232022-152614

Action Command
Go To Bookmark ⇧⌃
Post to Mastodon ⇧⌃⌥M
Drakesville ⌃M
SMS Drakesville ⇧⌥⌘M
~ Town Copy HTML ⇧⌃⌥C
Insert DavodTime™ timestamp. ⇧⌃⌥T
TAD-Deduplicate All (Lines) ⇧⌘-
Export Psalms Notes ⇧⌃⌥N
Export Psalms Drafts ⇧⌃⌥D
Keyboard Shortcuts Export ⌃⌥⌘K
Tot5 Draft Link as MD link (Shortcut) ⇧⌃E
Simplenote ⇧⌃W
Save to Written folder as .md ⌥⌘S
Save to Clipboard folder as MMddYYYY-HHmmss.txt ⌃⌥⌘S
To Repo at Path ⇧⌥⌘B
Current Draft Info ⌃I
Preview MMD ⌘D
TAD-Toggle Last Two Modified Drafts ⇧⇥
Print Text ⌃⌥P
Lookup in Terminology ⇧⌃D
Blink Selection ⌃B
Draftstion ⌃⌥N
Markdown Header (#) ⌃⌘H
Markdown Bold (**) ⌘B
Markdown Quotation (>) ⌃Q
Code Block (```) ⌃⌘C
Markdown Emphasis (*) ⌘I
Markdown List ⌃L
Markdown Link ⌘K
Markdown Footnote (Variation) ⌃F
Share as Markdown File ⇧⌃⌥S
Strikethrough ⌃S
Toggle numbered lists ⌃⌥L
Mark Done ⌘D
Share as File: Markdown ⇧⌃S
Drafts Things ⌥⌘T
Copy ⌃C
Google Search ⌥G
Club MacStories Search ⇧⌃M
Reminder ⇧⌃R
New Draft with Template ⇧⌘N
Clipboard… ⌥C
Tasks ⌃T
Indent ⌘]
Outdent ⌘[
Toggle Theme ⇧⌃L
Copy Tags ⌃⌥T
Copy Draft Open Link ⇧⌘E
Open URL ⇧⌃O
Open URL (Chrome Incognito) ⌃⌥O
Open URL (Microsoft Edge) ⇧⌥⌘O
Open URL (Firefox) ⇧⌃⌥O
Trash ⌃-
Synonym ⌃⌥S
Toggle Link Mode ⌘U
Share Selection ⌥U
Copy Draft Link ⇧⌥⌘C
Copy Draft Link as MD link ⇧⌃C
Action Search ⌘/
Copy as Rich Text ⌃⌥C
Save Version ⌥S
Move Line Up ⌥↑
Move Line Down ⌥↓
Draft to /drafts as UUID.html ⇧⌃⌥↑
Open pushed /drafts file by UUID. ⇧⌃⌥↓
NeoCities HTML Preview ⌥⌘P
Open NeoCities Workspace ⇧⌃N
Copy WTF Markdown Link to Clipboard ⇧⌃⌥F
Copy WTF URL to Clipboard ⇧⌥⌘F
Create Redirect ⇧⌥⌘R
Refresh Theme or Syntax ⌥⌘R
Post to WordPress ⇧⌥⌘W
Post to Medium ⌃⌥M
Event in Fantastical ⌃⌥⌘F
Notion-Create Page ⇧⌥⌘;
Make Work Fun ⌥⌘Z
DraftsImageSmall ⇧⌃⌥I
DraftsImage ⇧⌃I
Text Modifier… ⇧⌃t
DraftsHex ⇧⌃H
DraftsHex (Decode) ⇧⌥⌘H
Zalgos ⇧⌃Z
Replace URLs by MD links ⇧⌘U
Search iCloud Keychain ⇧⌥⌘K
Raindrop Text ⇧⌃⌥R
Run Shell Command ⇧⌃⌥0
Send to Obsidian Folder ⇧⌥⌘I
Tumblr Text Post ⌃⌥⌘T
Gladys URL Item from Selection ⌃⌥⌘G
index.html ⇧⌥I
Create Gist ⇧⌃⌥G
Store Snippet ⇧⌥
Post to Writeas Blog ⇧⌥⌘↑
Version Cycle ⇧⌘S
Create GitHub Issue ⌃⌥I
Append to Selected Lines ⇧⌃⌥→
Refresh TextExpander Snippets ⇧⌘R
TextExpander Snippet ⇧⌥⌘T
Search on Letterboxd ⇧⌃.
Add to Letterboxd Watchlist ⇧⌥⌘L
Speedy Frames ⇧⌃F
GitHub Search ⌃⌥/
Capture with Bear ⇧⌃⌥B
Copy UUID ⌃⌥⌘C
Encode... ⇧⌥⌘E
Speedy Frames ⇧⌥⌘
Store Page URLs ⇧⌃U
Snap.as Upload ⇧⌥⌘U
Run Shortcut ⇧⌃↓
Random Draft ⇧⌥⌘]
Search Web Archive ⇧⌥⌘A
Raindrop Selection ⌃⌥⌘R
Search RoutineHub ⌃⌥⌘
Search Drafts Directory ⇧⌃⌥/
Stream with VLC ⇧⌃⌥V
Cardhop Selection ⇧⌃⌥H
Email (Custom) ⌃⌘M
Anecdote ⇧⌃⌥A
Download Selected URL ⇧⌘D
Query Web Archive ⌥⌘/
Quick Open ⌃↓
Tweet Selection ⇧⌃⌥P
@NeoYokel Twitter Search ⇧⌃Y
Twitter Publish Tool ⇧⌃B
Tweetbot Selection ⌥P
Tweetbot Selection (Private) ⌃⌥⌘P
Send to Saved Messages (Telegram) (copy) ⌃G
Rose Note in Telegram ⌃R
Telegram Bot Post ⇧⌃G
Alexis ⌥⌘A
TAD-Sort All - Alphabetic ⇧⌃A
TAD-Duplicate Draft and Load ⌃D
TAD-Load New Draft from Selection ⌥⌘N
TAD-Fetch URL Content to New Draft ⇧⌥⌘↓
TAD-Preview Full Log ⇧⌃⌥L
TAD-Display Base64 Decode Selection ⌃⌥6
New Draft with Safari Tabs ⇧⌥⌘+
Written Workspace ⌘2
Documentation Workspace ⌘3
Correspondence Workspace ⌘4
Library Workspace ⌘5
Vocabulary Workspace ⇧⌃V
Hole Workspace ⌘9
Hole Workspace 2 ⌥W
Dashboard ⌥0
Current Work Draft ⌥1
Current Work Notes ⌥2
Three ⌥3
Four ⌥4
Five ⌥5
Six ⌥6
Seven ⇧⌥1
Eight ⇧⌥2
Nine ⇧⌥3
Ten ⇧⌥4
Eleven ⇧⌥5
Twelve ⇧⌥6
Thirteen ⇧⌥7
Fourteen ⇧⌥8
Fifteen ⇧⌥9
Clear Clipboard ⌥⇥
Better Tab
Better Shift Tab


External Drafts Keyboard Shortcuts
External Drafts Keyboard Shortcuts
Action Command
Actions->Manage Actions... A

Template Drafts

Drafts README Update