Tot, Drafts, and Shortcuts, Schemed

In the past year or so, my use of my iPhone 12 Pro Max as a "professional computer" has definitely been peaking. This lifestyle, combined with my discovery of Tot Pocket, and catalyzed by a general frenzy around URL schemes have all managed to converge in what I believe to be my most innovative potential contribution to the apple-adjacent poweruser crowd yet by a long way.

I've come to use schemed Shortcuts run links (which appear and function identically with hyperlinks in this context and a few others) clumped together in the header of my first Dot (page) in Tot as my primary method of calling shortcuts. I rely on a TextExpander snippet (which you can find among the hundreds of others in my primary public Snippet Group, if you're so inclined) to construct these links, one at a time. The format is detailed in the hyperlinked article from the official Siri Shortcuts guide, though I'd still like to lay out a single example.

Say I'd like to construct a markdown-formatted hyperlink to run my "Speedy Frames" shortcut...

I'd begin by constructing this schemed URL, taking care to URL-encode the single espace:


In most local, markdown-rendering contexts on iPadOS/iOS, this link can be treated as just another URL in hyperlinking terms:

[Speedy Frames](shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Speedy%20Frames)

That's it! It is a few dozen of these individual links that make up the mess you see in Dot 1 displayed in plaintext mode (embedded below, left.) On the right is the view I look at and interact with.

First Dot Top-SourcevsDisplay
First Dot Top-SourcevsDisplay

Before I go on to the rest of that Dot's contents, I should note that I also occasionally call Siri Shortcuts (the ones with very short, single-word titles, especially) with my "Run Shortcut" action, which makes use of the same link format to allow running Shortcuts directly by title, almost like a command line. This is best demonstrated by the Twitter video embedded below, I think.

don’t know if I’ve already posted about it but...

this is one of the ways I’ve been calling Shortcuts recently - a @draftsapp action that uses `shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=[selection]` with a keyboard shortcut. vaguely CLI-esque.

— ⓓⓐⓥⓘⓓ ⓑⓛⓤⓔ (@NeoYokel) April 1, 2022

Living entirely within Drafts' more-or-less chronologically-oriented paradigm for so long has probably altered some core interworkings of my thinking, generally, but doing so entirely on iPhone has led me to seek out other, inverse arrangements of individual drafts. I found phenomenal personal success in that endeavor at the beginning of this year, especially, and all of it has been singularly enabled by Drafts' support of x-callback-urls and URL schemes.

A draft's individual, UUID-enabled link can be retrieved with the [permalink] template tag (recently updated from [draft_open_url]) and used to turn any value into a markdown-formatted hyperlink within an action. In my own "Copy Draft Link as MD link" action, I used [safe_title]. Said action simply copies the current draft's open link to the system clipboard. I've assigned it to a keyboard shortcut

First Dot Mid-SourcevsDisplay
First Dot Mid-SourcevsDisplay