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07242022-085242 Howdy folks!

I'm u/AsphaltApostle and I'm definitely a latecomer to Reddit considering how long it took me to figure out my niche, here. In the past two years or so, I've become a daily user specifically because of the Siri Shortcuts (r/Shortcuts) community's presence, there. "Social Audio" is a beat I have followed fairly closely, though I'm glad I'm not professionally obligated to cover it because... yeesh.

My legit cred (brag) is that my (now defunct) online magazine was the very first featured channel at the launch of Anchor 1.0's music section (ya know, the ingenious/charming "reimagining radio" app that Spotify eventually absorbed and made its whole podcasting infrastructure.)

I'm particularly interested in testing Reddit Talk technically if for any other reason than I happen to be a really good stress test of a human being and maybe not much else in the software regard lol.

It makes me very, very happy to see so much enthusiasm, just skimming this channel. I feel privileged to be here with you folks. :)