Mastodon Brand 2.0


We redesigned

Hi! This has been in the works since June and we're finally done!

Mastodon 3.6 is still a work in progress, there's a lot of new stuff in the main branch, in particular in terms of moderation tools. Customizable user roles, improved IP and e-mail domain blocks, ability to suspend all accounts matching an IP or other search query--but also some things for regular users like a new filtering system, ability to subscribe to hashtags or only certain languages of an account, and so on. The NLNet funding period is almost over and we're trying to get as much done as possible before releasing everything in a new version at once.

We're also working on adding post editing into the iOS and Android apps before finally toggling the switch on that feature (though unofficially you've already been able to use it through the API since last release).

In other news, the trademark registration for Mastodon finally came through at the EUIPO. Overall, that took 5 months. A registered trademark protects users from malicious actors piggybacking on an established and trustworthy name. We're still in the process of writing up guidelines for proper trademark usage.



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